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Serving a Village

"Just one of many American faces......who deserve the right to choose their healthcare alternatives from home"

There's no place like it...
"Home is where the Heart is"


~D.N.Kennedy, B.S./L.PCA~

"Branching Out Arms of Service"

Touching all persons with "disabilities" with leading healthcare alternative options right from home.

Attendent Care Waiver (PA) & (OH)

Home & Community Base Waiver (PA) & (OH)

Case Management (PA)

Childcare Supplement (PA & OH)

Early Intervention Child (PA)

Long Term Care Facility Waiver (PA )& (OH)

Independence Waiver (PA)

Individual OptionsWaiver (OH)


PDA Waiver (PA)


Victims of HIV/AIDS Waiver (PA)
& (OH)

VA Supplement (PA) & (OH)

Contact you local County Human Services Office for service Medicaid/Medicare Approval.
Our professsional team will offer assistance with the application process.

*We are not the determining agent for service(s) approvals.



Memo of Services

Most Service Contracts Based on (minmium)
15 Hours Per Week

Adult Daycare

Attendent Care

Adult Residential Facilities

(Special Needs)

Children Residential Facilities

Community Care

Respite Care Services

In-Home  & Community Support

Recreational Fun

with routine schedule

Hey Kids.......

Listen up!!!!!

Come join our Bowling, Golf and Horseback Clinics.

Serving NE Ohio & NW

Jacqueline Hughley
Program Director

OH Tel: 330-565-8788 & 330-717-0526
PA Tel: 724-854-1839 & 412-217-9789
Anytime 24/7

Fax: 330-505-3516

We're a mobile agency, we'll meet you and your family anywhere, anytime. "The coffee is on us."

P.O. Box 221
Niles, OH 44446

Picture This.........A Phone Call or an E-mail  Away
Evergreen Healthcare Services, Inc. welcomes Jacqueline Hughley, Program Director, she'll  always assist you with a Smile.

1. Medicaid Approval
2. Complete Assessment
3. Sign Participant Contract
4. Interview our Personnel Staff
5. Begin Services

As easy as 1-2-3

You're not alone we'll assist every step of the way.

*Emergency cases will be implemented by the Administrator.

Private Pay
Medicaid/Medicare Waivers
Credit Card Payments

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